Beneath the ever-present diamond top hat of comedian Alex Stone is a mind constantly in motion. His hard work and determination have led him from his early days as an absurdist joke writer to his current role as one of the most impressive young storytellers in comedy. In addition to the deeply personal material that has become the cornerstone of his act, Alex has written jokes for nationally touring comedians and recently created a successful web series called “The I’m So Bored Show.” His prolific nature and originality have earned him the attention of respected veterans like Drew Hastings, who invited Alex to open for him on his “Irked and Miffed” theatre tour. Alex’s other accolades include having been named “Funniest Person in Cincinnati” and “Funniest Person in Columbus.” His flourishing sketch comedy career began with his work as one of the original cast members of Underbelly, which Cincinnati Magazine declared the “Best Comedy Show of 2009.” He works as both a writer and performer on the show. As he persists to mine everyday life for big laughs, Alex Stone will no doubt continue to wear many hats.

Alex Stone
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