Born with an Italian Speech Impediment, one arm shorter then the other, he didn’t let it slow down. After graduating from a Catholic High School and going to the Third round of the Olympic Trials for Wrestling He packed his bags for “The Big Apple”.

After Years of hard work, Tedious and Strenuous nights at Chippendales
then classes at the ACTORS STUDIO, ALDO considered himself enough of a Sexual Deviant to move to LA to pursue his writing/acting and COMEDY. In his search for Ultimate Wisdom and Cracking the Code to Women. This led him to Hours and Hours of reading and studying and becoming a, “COSMO GIRL” He feels he now knows how to treat a woman, feed a woman, talk to a woman, and please a women

In all possible ways!

An Evening with ALDO is a truly Fun and Entertaining evening weather it ends with Dinner or Coffee the next morning!

Aldo Juliano
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