Adam has been doing stand-up comedy all over Los Angeles for 12 years now and was a fixture of Whiteboy Comedy, which is now MF Grand Comedy. I know, it's confusing. He was a finalist in the Boston Comedy Festival in 2002 and 2003 and has performed at most of the big clubs in that great comedy town. It's also a great sports town. Some might say the greatest, especially over the last 12 years. I don't know. Some might say that. Adam has also performed in clubs in New York City, like Broadway Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club, and The Stand. New York is another great city. But with terrible sports teams.

Adam has appeared in dozens of commericals and television shows, such as Royal Pains, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parenthood, Better Off Ted, Heroes, Dirt, Kevin Hill, and Scrubs. He's had some small roles in some big movies (Iron Man, Torque) and some larger roles in some small movies (don't need to name them cuz you haven't heard of them). He's also done a lot of theater too. Cuz Adam is a motha-f#$kin THESPIAN. But, you don't care about that. Over the last few years, Adam has also built up his online presence. He appears in and co-produces hugely popular web series, Gosling Stole My Best Friend, which blew up on Funny or Die this past Summer. Look for episode 3 soon. Other notable web credits include the award-winning Gigi: Almost American (starring Josh Gad) produced by The Lost Nomads for MyDamnChannel, and the Fox-produced web series for FunnyorDie, Ricky and Ravi Are In Between Jobs.
And now I'll take any questions.

Adam Harrington

My Clips

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3 stars
LA Winter Weather

Adam Harrington is gathering firewood for a long cold winter.

5 stars
Shopping at the Club

Adam Harrington had an awesome time shirt shopping. What?! He needed a new shirt!

5 stars
If Global Warming were CrossFit

Adam Harrington is constantly clogging the facebook feed with videos of him doing certain workouts and exercises. We get it, Adam! You're in great shape! Enough already!

5 stars
Modern "How I Met Your Mother" Story

If Adam Harrington ever met my mother, I couldn't blame her if she took a shine to him. He's a charming lad!

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