Performed at 122 colleges this year!

For Career: 260+ college shows across 33 States

Campus Activities Magazine AWARDS:
- 2013 Comic of the Year
- 2012 Fastest Rising Star
- Highest Rated Comedian 2010-present
- 2012 Hot Comedy Pick

- Worked with Harland Williams and Bob Saget in Spring 2012
BOB SAGET: "Adam was hilarious! He's going to have a long career in this industry."

- Mid Atlantic 2012 **MOST BOOKED COMEDIAN**
- South 2012
- Northern Plains 2012 **MOST BOOKED COMEDIAN** 59 shows!!
- Nationals 2012
- Mid America 2011

As the highest rated comedian in Campus Activities Magazine and winner of the 2012 Fastest Rising Star award, Adam Grabowski made history in 2013 by becoming the youngest comedian ever to win COMIC OF THE YEAR.

The creativity and charisma of this 25-year-old from Chicago makes him the most exciting act to hit the college circuit. Graduating early from the University of Illinois with a degree in Psychology, Adam used his productive procrastination skills to put off grad school by becoming a professional comedian. Adam performed at 122 colleges this year, putting his total at over 260 colleges in his career. His tour has taken him to 33 different states including stints at the Iowa Comedy Festival and L.A. Comedy Fest.

"Two parts Seinfeld, one part Demetri Martin, a tablespoon of Gaffigan, and a pinch of secret ingredient, Adam Grabowski’s style is hard to define, but can be characterized in one word.... Hilarious!"

“I pride myself on not being sexist, racist, or stereotypical in my humor. My job as a comedian is to get you to look at your world in a different, more hilarious way.”

Adam Grabowski
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