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Rooftop partners with the top comedy and performance venues around the world to bring you the best, most cutting-edge (and, yes, funniest) professional comedy.

We record, produce and distribute real comedy the way it's supposed to be: raw, uncensored, and not filtered through Hollywood or a bunch of uptight corporate suits. Our club partners reflect the range of amazing comedy that's out there; from the biggest theaters and "A" rooms, to intimate alternative venues pushing the edge of performance comedy. We work on behalf of our comedians and venue partners to reach a larger audience of true comedy fans, further build their followings, and make them additional money along the way. And we give real comedy fans access to the best comedy from around the globe.

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Popular Clips

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David Carradine
Dat Phan
Views: 1,881 4 stars
Domestic terrorism
Dennis Gaxiola
Views: 1,873 2 stars
Daddy's little Barbie girl
Vic Dunlop
Views: 1,794 4 stars
A Gift For My Wife
Vic Dunlop
Views: 1,656 5 stars
John McBush
David Kleinberg
Views: 1,605 3 stars
Catholic School Hell
Vic Dunlop
Views: 1,536 5 stars
You're a whore
Chris Schiappacasse
Views: 1,430 2 stars
Bluetooth blues
Mark Pitta
Views: 1,328 4 stars
Snoop Dogg in the news
Darren Carter
Views: 1,314 3 stars
Johnny Cash commercials
Huck Flynn
Views: 1,265 4 stars
Flying Buddy Holly Airlines
Vic Dunlop
Views: 1,248 4 stars
Johnny Squires, Oct. 13, 2008
Johnny Squires
Views: 1,163 5 stars
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