Paddo Tavern
186 Given Terrace
Paddington QLD 4064

61 7 3369 4466

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Sit Down Comedy Club


Paddington, AUSTRALIA - The Sit Down Comedy Club is one of Australia's major producers of Stand Up Comedy. Established in 1992 @ Snug Harbour, The Sit Down Comedy Club relocated in July 2000 to a larger venue — McGuire's Paddo Tavern, where it continues to produce high quality comedy shows.

Sit Down Comedy Club

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Marcus Ryan
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Marcus Ryan
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Eddie Ifft
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Eddie Ifft
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Dirty talk
Eddie Ifft
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Brad and Angelina
Eddie Ifft
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David Eastgate
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A bride in the crowd
Lindsay Webb
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Bank pranks
Phil Wild
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Making God cry
Ben Graw
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My Dad's from Ghana
Matt Okine
Views: 1,094 3 stars
Asking for date rape drugs
Ben Graw
Views: 927 4 stars
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