Guest Editor : Winter Playlist


Winter Playlist

It's cold, and miserable, and snowy and windy. Winter is upon us! Unless you live somewhere balmy and tropical you're probably not going to leave the house again for another 3 months. Don't worry, we've got just the thing to warm you up, a playlist of our favorite winter jokes on Rooftop Comedy. So start a fire, throw on a Snuggie and enjoy these cold-weather classics.

Going Outside in Minnesota * CELEB PICK
Going Outside in Minnesota (01:10)
Tommy Ryman

Winter may seem harmless at first, but just wait until January arrives.

First snowfall * CELEB PICK
First snowfall (00:38)
Amber Preston

Winter is an excellent time to reevaluate basic hygienic practices.

Cold around white people * CELEB PICK
Cold around white people (01:14)
Lamont Price

Winter weather can bring out the worst in people.

Men Are Liars * CELEB PICK
Men Are Liars (00:51)
Ryan Singer

Men are liars no matter what season it is.

You think this is cold? * CELEB PICK
You think this is cold? (02:07)
Dwight Slade

If you live somewhere warm, we all hate you, simple as that.

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