Guest Editor : Todd Jackson


Todd Jackson

Todd Jackson is the founder and editor of Dead-Frog, a comedy website that covers and dissects all things funny. Called a “Catch All for Comedy” by G4’s Attack of the Show, Dead Frog is also home to the Stand-Up Comedy Database that currently compiles the bios, works, jokes, videos and reviews of over 200 comics. Prior to creating Dead-Frog, Todd served as Editorial Director for Comedy Central’s web arm and as Managing Editor of Cracked Magazine.

Never ending recession * CELEB PICK
Never ending recession (00:34)
Matt Fugate

Economist Fugate lectures on the illusion of monetary profligacy vis a vis your place of employee and net take home pay. (in layman’s terms: why you are fucked)

Old Sperm * CELEB PICK
Old Sperm (01:17)
Chris Hardwick

Hardwick discovers the next great contrast in comedy now that the well for “Black People Do This/White People Do That” has run dry.

Truth or dare * CELEB PICK
Truth or dare (03:20)
Team Submarine

By watching this video, you promise to send in your most embarrassing secret to Rooftop Comedy, else any laughs received while viewing are null and void.

Christians on the Atkins diet * CELEB PICK
Christians on the Atkins diet (00:36)
Tom Rhodes

But yea, the disciplines had much red wine because God had blessed it with antioxidants that would cut their risk of Heart Disease.

Suicide note second thoughts * CELEB PICK
Suicide note second thoughts (00:40)
Andi Smith

English teachers listen to Andi. If you make diagramming sentences as confusing as possible, you could save a student’s life.

Not on the plasma TV bandwagon * CELEB PICK
Not on the plasma TV bandwagon (02:24)
Jasper Redd

Cathode Ray Tubes you are beautiful! And don’t let those obsolete-ist blogs like Engadget or Gizmodo tell you differently.

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