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Thanksgiving is upon us, which is sure to have everyone teeming with excitement. And why shouldn't they be? Thanksgiving is always a close second behind Halloween when Americans lyingly state their favorite holiday of the year -- we all know it's really Christmas, you're not fooling anyone. In any case, Thanksgiving still has its perks: great food, great sports, and a four day weekend to boot! To help you celebrate, Rooftop has compiled a few of our favorite Thanksgiving laughs in one convenient list to share with your family and friends in those agonizing hours before and after dinner. So take a look, laugh, and be thankful that your family acts nothing like this during the holidays. Right?

Lazy Generation * CELEB PICK
Lazy Generation (00:54)
Nick Griffin

Sometimes we forget about the hard work that went into building this great nation.

Thanksgiving Dinner * CELEB PICK
Thanksgiving Dinner (01:12)
Jon Lincoln

It's always nice when foreigners do their best to participate in American holidays!

My Big Italian Family * CELEB PICK
My Big Italian Family (00:50)
Ellen Moschetto

Navigating the fine line between buzzed and drunk is essential to a successful Thanksgiving.

My Family Dinners * CELEB PICK
My Family Dinners (00:43)
Ben Moore

Diverse families can be quite the source of stress during the holidays.

Thanksgiving jam! * CELEB PICK
Thanksgiving jam! (02:43)
Emily Heller

Replay it until you're singing along. You won't regret it!

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