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Yes, Hannukah was the inspiration for one of Adam Sandler’s best songs. There’s much more to Hannukah, though, than thinking of Wynona Ryder playing dreidl with Calvin Klein. For starters, no one can agree how to spell the holiday. Are there two k’s? No final h? This type of bickering is bound to happen when you’re celebrating Hannukah, because let’s face it, you’re surrounded by Jews. Then there’s the game with the traditional dreidl that involves easy gambling and chocolate, so who can’t get behind that? Don’t forget the latkes—deep fried potato pancakes doused with sour cream and apple sauce. Of course, Hannukah lasts for eight nights, so you have plenty of time to relish the spirit of Hannukah, learn its story in Jewish history, and unwrap gifts. All of this, of course, leads to one of the holiest of Jewish traditions: the visit to the movie theater and sacred Chinese food meal on December 25th. To really help you get in the Hannukah spirit, check out the official Rooftop Comedy Hannukah playlist.

Judaism * CELEB PICK
Judaism (01:17)
Alex Koll

Alex points out an important facet of the Jewish people, maybe second only to guilt and food.

Jewish Christmas albums * CELEB PICK
Jewish Christmas albums (01:04)
Gary Gulman

It never occurred to me that I’d want to see Gary confront Barbara Streisand, but now that he mentions it, I really do.

Holiday Breakups * CELEB PICK
Holiday Breakups (00:57)
Josh Gondelman

On Christmas! Hopefully Josh found comfort in the Chinese food he was undoubtedly eating.

Trip To Russia * CELEB PICK
Trip To Russia (02:12)
Jenny Zigrino

Hannukah is all about connecting to your Jewish heritage—Jenny offers some pointers.

Jealous Jew * CELEB PICK
Jealous Jew (00:31)
Gregg Rogell

Clearly, Gregg missed the "Rugrats" Hannukah episode.

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