Guest Editor : God's Pottery


God's Pottery

God's Pottery is a Christian acoustic duo formed to spread the Word while addressing the issues facing today's Youth and the Spiritual Community at large. Members Jeremiah Smallchild and Gideon Lamb use their unique blend of music, people skills, and Biblical know-how to inspire all who are willing to listen with open hearts.

You may have seen God's Pottery as finalists on the 2008 season of NBC's Last Comic Standing. They are pretty jazzed to be guest editors of Rooftop Comedy!

Marriage is a partnership * CELEB PICK
Marriage is a partnership (00:52)
Geoff Tate

This may surprise you, but we are big Geoff Tate fans! He can get a bit “salty” at times, but he does understand the beautiful partnership of marriage.

My favorite Law & Order character * CELEB PICK
My favorite Law & Order character (01:13)
John Mulaney

John Mulaney loves Law & Order, and we love John Mulaney! We also love the spin-offs, John Mulaney: Special Terrific Person and John Mulaney: Hilarious Intent!

The deaf leading the blind * CELEB PICK
The deaf leading the blind (08:44)
Mike Birbiglia

Michael Birbiglia is one of our best friends in comedy, even if he doesn’t know it. There is some rough language in this story, but it’s worth it to see Michael’s dedication to making sure deaf people get a chance to laugh too.

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