Guest Editor : Broke-Ass Stuart


Broke-Ass Stuart

Stuart Schuffman (aka Broke-Ass Stuart) is the host of the TV show Young, Broke, & Beautifulon IFC. He's also a travel writer and the author of three books about living cheaply. His newest book Young, Broke & Beautiful: Broke-Ass Stuart's Guide to Living Cheaply just came out this summer. Stuart will be on book tour throughout the East Coast for most of October in support of it. Find out when he's coming to your town here.

Breakfast when you're broke * CELEB PICK
Breakfast when you're broke (00:32)
Dave Landau

I love cereal, but I convinced myself that if I ate less bready shit my beer gut would go away. Now I don't eat cereal any longer, so every morning just kinda feels like a disappointment.

I'm so broke * CELEB PICK
I'm so broke (01:12)
David Lee Nelson

I feel this guy. Living in San Francisco, there are so many homeless people that if a sign isn't impressive it gets totally ignored. If you see someone with a good sign, there's a good chance that person used to work in advertising. Shit's competitive here.

In debt 'til death * CELEB PICK
In debt 'til death (00:47)
John Roy

It's terrifying that John Roy just convinced me that the guy on my corner shitting his pants and playing with himself is more well off than I am. Fucking credit cards.

Enjoying the recession * CELEB PICK
Enjoying the recession (00:30)
Ryan Hamilton

I'm totally with Ryan here. The best part of this recession is that I suddenly have more dirtbag friends to hang out with and drink 40's in the park. The only downside is that when some of them get real drunk, they start weeping and blubbering about shit like "How will I be able to pay my bills?". My response is always, "Fuck if I know, but we'll sure have a lot of fun trying to figure it out!".

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