Guest Editor : Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day

Oh, Valentine's Day. Some see it as the last battle in an onslaught of holidays that stigmatize those who are single (really, who wants to be alone on Hannukah?). Others see it as the day before Walgreens slashes their prices Valentine-themed chocolates. However you may decide to celebrate the holiday, you'll need some laughs to go with it. This is our official Valentine's Day playlist. We combed through all the video clips on our site to find the ones with a special message for this oh so special day. So sit back and put the Barry White on pause. You've just found your new Valentine's Day soundtrack.

Valentines Day for men * CELEB PICK
Valentines Day for men (01:32)
Leanne Morgan

Although the scientific trials are inconclusive, some say Spic 'n Span is an aphrodisiac

April Fools * CELEB PICK
April Fools (01:04)
Alex Koll

Grand gestures are important. Go big or go home.

Valentine's Day Fun * CELEB PICK
Valentine's Day Fun (00:37)
Doug Mellard

We can all learn a thing or two from Doug. At least when it comes to scoring a (sad) free meal.

Hallmark genius * CELEB PICK
Hallmark genius (00:35)
Dean Lewis

Choosing the perfect card is crucial. Thanks for the tips, Dean.

The Power Of Love * CELEB PICK
The Power Of Love (02:12)
Reid Faylor

Everyone loves a good war romance.

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