Guest Editor : St Patrick's Day


St Patrick's Day

It doesn't get much holier than St. Patrick's Day. Like religious clockwork, every March, people gather in celebration, observing the holiday through various diverse customs. Whether you're dying the Chicago River green, enjoying some corned beef, cheering on a parade, or pinching Tim from accounting who didn't remember to wear green, there's no wrong way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. That said, if you don't have at least one green beer on March 17, you're just being disrespectful. I mean, what are we, heathens? Luckily, we rounded up some St. Patrick's Day-themed comedy from the Rooftop library. Sit back and enjoy these pointers on proper celebration and Irish heritage.

Lucky Charms Cereal * CELEB PICK
Lucky Charms Cereal (01:42)
Linda Aarons

Can someone please put Linda in touch with the PR people at Lucky Charms?

My Catholic family * CELEB PICK
My Catholic family (00:57)
Michael Palascak

Michael brings sheds some new light on guilt, one of the fundamentals of Catholicism.

I'm From A Big Irish Family * CELEB PICK
I'm From A Big Irish Family (00:56)
Mike Berlon

The holiday brings all kinds of presents and gifts, some of them less planned than others.

Finnegan's the name * CELEB PICK
Finnegan's the name (02:05)
Christian Finnegan

It's going down once Finnegan gets here.

Guinness ads * CELEB PICK
Guinness ads (00:52)
Mark Nelson

And people say there's no truth in advertising these days.

Changing my name * CELEB PICK
Changing my name (01:01)
Kira Soltanovich

Kira's just not ready to leave the tribe.

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