Guest Editor : Mike Drucker


Mike Drucker

Mike has been lucky enough to contribute jokes to Saturday Night Live, The Onion, the White House Press Correspondents' Dinner, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, McSweeney's, Nintendo, College Humor, the Mark Twain Awards and the ESPY Awards. As a stand-up, he's appeared in the San Francisco Sketch Fest, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Festival, and was a New Face in this year's Montreal Just for Laughs festival. He currently writes and co-hosts IGN's "Up at Noon" video game talk show and you can follow him on Twitter at the impossible to remember @MikeDrucker

My HIV Test (03:45)
Baron Vaughn

There are comedians you like, comedians you love, and comedians that fill you with an unending sense of joy. Baron Vaughn is that third kind. He's also terrifyingly prolific, so there's always something new to love when you see him.

Grown up fat kid * CELEB PICK
Grown up fat kid (01:26)
Caitlin Gill

Seeing Caitlin Gill perform was one of the highlights of moving to San Francisco. She's strange and sad and everything I love in comedy.

Jobs In Portland * CELEB PICK
Jobs In Portland (00:37)
Ian Karmel

Ian Karmel is going to be famous. I'm very afraid of him and I hope he hires me someday.

Sisters Who Love Sci-Fi * CELEB PICK
Sisters Who Love Sci-Fi (01:09)
Phoebe Robinson

Both on stage and in her writing, Phoebe Robinson reminds me of the best professors I had in college. Just so smart and funny.

Talk Sex With Sue Johanssen * CELEB PICK
Talk Sex With Sue Johanssen (03:42)
Danny Solomon

Danny Solomon makes me laugh a lot. He'll hate that description, so I'll add that he's charming. He'll hate that too, so I'll add that watching him is like seeing your little brother do a show for you. He'll hate that too.

Barbara Holm * CELEB PICK
Barbara Holm (09:51)
Barbara Holm

Barbara Holm floats like a bee and stings like a butterfly. I'm consistently jealous of her writing on stage.

Summer Soiree @The Jewelbox Seattle * CELEB PICK
Summer Soiree @The Jewelbox Seattle (09:08)
Derek Sheen

A hilarious ball of anger and love and confusion. Please buy his new album, "Holy Drivel," when it comes out later this year.

Sexual Misunderstanding * CELEB PICK
Sexual Misunderstanding (02:33)
Dave Thomason

Dave Thomason is too handsome to be as good as he is at comedy. His joke in the clip takes a very average comedy topic and turns it on its head.

Pedophiles * CELEB PICK
Pedophiles (00:00)
Mark Normand

Mark Normand sounds and acts like the reincarnation of Johnny Carson. He can kill in any room. If you have some sort of booking power and you're reading this, book Mark Normand and you won't regret it for a second. He's going to be one of the greats.

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