Guest Editor : Marshall Chiles


Marshall Chiles

Marshall Chiles started out as a road comic at the beginning of 2001. In 2002, he took over The Funny Farm Comedy Club and built it to be one of the best comedy clubs in Roswell, GA. In February 2009, he started The Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta, and it has rapidly become one of the best comedy clubs in the South. He has parlayed the success of Laughing Skull into a first annual The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival which makes its big debut March 3 and runs through March 7th. He is also very excited he spelled parlayed correctly without spell check.Visit the Laughing Skull Festival website for schedule and ticket information.

My favorite Law & Order character * CELEB PICK
My favorite Law & Order character (01:13)
John Mulaney

I love Law and Order and John Mulaney. I think young comedians that do smart and fresh comedy on this level are a result of The Simpsons being on TV their entire lives. They grew up with those great comedy writers from before they could walk... I grew up with Family Ties.

Religion I respect the most * CELEB PICK
Religion I respect the most (04:03)
Chris Porter

I like Chris Porter and I like really good joke about religion. He makes a going point while making me laugh... job well done, sir!

Obamas controversial Nobel Prize * CELEB PICK
Obamas controversial Nobel Prize (01:15)
Tom Simmons

Tom and I are such close friends, my wife calls him my girlfriend. I have always loved Tom's comedy and think he deserves to be bigger than he is. This is a great bit because it is an angle I wish I had taken. I am always impressed with how Tom can take almost any subject and find a unique perspective to make it funny.

Retarded gun owners * CELEB PICK
Retarded gun owners (01:23)
Jamie Kilstein

I have always liked Jamie Kilstein's comedy. He is very funny, smart, and discusses subject that middle America find offensive because it is not politically correct. I like this bit because it makes funny of retarded people, Texans, Republicans, and the founding fathers. I know what you are thinking... and yes, many of those descriptions are redundant.

Abercrombie and Fitch * CELEB PICK
Abercrombie and Fitch (01:16)
Chris Hardwick

Last but certainly not least is Chris Hardwick. I worked with Chris a few months ago and had no idea how funny he truly is. I think this bit about Abercrombie is so funny and unique. I know this clip is very popular on Rooftop, so I kinda feel like part of a herd in picking it, but this bit is an example of how great he is.

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