Guest Editor : Lawrin Goulston Salazar


Lawrin Goulston Salazar

This 7th installment of the Los Angeles Comedy Festival features over 80 films from around the globe, 30 live comedy acts and over 300 funny people. Growing each time around, it is now the largest combined live comedy and film festival in the USA. Lots to see: Films starring Kevin McCarthy, Vincent Pastore, Scott Baio, the world premiere of Breast Picture starring the brightest of the Upright Citizens Brigade, including co-founder Matt Walsh and the West Coast Premiere of Stephen King High School:The Musical and much, much more. Lawrin Goulston Salazar is the festival director and founder of the Los Angeles Comedy Festival.

Nagging MLK (01:15)
Seaton Smith

Seaton is screening 3 episodes of his web series Annoy Charlie Smith Inc in shorts block: Men, You Gotta Love Them. We love Seaton!

Herpecin * CELEB PICK
Herpecin (01:03)
Jono Zalay

Flying in from Boston. Makes us laugh.

A Cartoon About Death * CELEB PICK
A Cartoon About Death (02:57)

To Be Young, Gifted and Funny...Jesse and student filmmakers from around the country contributed to shorts block:College Rah! Ha! Ha! Presented in partnership with Rooftop Comedy.

Sex in the Shower * CELEB PICK
Sex in the Shower (00:00)
Ari Shaffir

Naked twister with festival alumni...are you in?

Messed up moms * CELEB PICK
Messed up moms (01:26)
Kira Soltanovich

We know what we want for our birthday...Kira on our stage.

Watching kids at the pool * CELEB PICK
Watching kids at the pool (02:37)
Kyle Kinane

Alumni Smarty Pants. Love him.

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