Guest Editor : Journey Gunderson


Journey Gunderson

The Lucille Ball - Desi Arnaz Center has announced the schedule for its Festival of Comedy, August 3-7, in celebration of Lucille Ball's 100th birthday.

"We know that Lucy and Desi's intentions were for their legacy to live on in the form of living, breathing comedy that would be as progressive and contemporary as they were," said Executive Director Journey Gunderson. "And so, we’ve adopted a four-pillar plan called the Legacy of Laughter to fulfill Lucy and Desi’s original intentions."

"Lucy Fest has been a successful annual staple for years, but in 2011 for her 100th birthday, we give Lucille Ball what she always wanted, The Lucille Ball Festival of Comedy: We're celebrating with a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD, comedy shows for all, and special museum unveilings and events." Get tickets now at

Messed up name * CELEB PICK
Messed up name (01:20)
Costaki Economopoulos

I can identify with the endless searching through mini-vanity license plates and key chains racks at tourist spots, too, Costaki. It’s not so sad that our names weren’t to be found in those racks, it’s that our parents let us keep searching. Of course, last time I checked there isn’t a sweet bar-anthem 80s band named “Costaki”… sorry.

Kittens vs. Babies * CELEB PICK
Kittens vs. Babies (01:19)
Cy Amundson

This one is all about delivery. Not kitten or baby delivery. Cy’s. “The MOST.” “I didn’t say three kittens in a multi-kitten tragedy.” Now there is a LINE.

Not Built For Marriage * CELEB PICK
Not Built For Marriage (02:31)
Nate Bargatze

Favorite. It’s not the overdone humor characterizing females as lame, it’s commentary on how completely lame the stuff is that we raise girls to like. Nate’s right. Quit buying us babies when we’re still babies! Luckily I was raised on ninja turtles with my brother. The April O’Neil reference, by far, tops the charts. I had to play April so many times growing up… that’s probably why I was Rafael for Halloween three years ago. Red fabric, sais, XL green wetsuit and a round sweater drying rack strapped to my back was my Easy Bake Oven fantasy

Cold around white people * CELEB PICK
Cold around white people (01:14)
Lamont Price

Commentary like this on racism is edgy, but healthy. I lived in Queens for 3 years after growing up in a more rural area, and will admit to the initial knee-jerk white person apprehension he refers to, because I’m the butt of the joke in that scenario. Then I progressed and thought, I should get myself a Wu-Tang bubble jacket; it’s cold! But I didn’t want to scare anyone.

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