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Football Playlist

Football season. Or, as my wife calls it: “Ahhh, man! Not again! Wasn’t this on yesterday?” Whether you’re heartbroken by a perennial doormat like my hometown Washington Redskins or you simply bandwagon hop to different contenders according to your fantasy football whims, I think we can all agree: this sport is really fun. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t crack jokes at the expense of our beloved pigskin and the heavily armored men who carry it around. We can. And we do.

Playing quarterback in high school * CELEB PICK
Playing quarterback in high school (00:35)
Michael Palascak

Without going into too much hyperbole, I find Michael’s pretty dead-on about most, if not every single topic in the world. His unique lessons on losing are certainly no exception.

Calling An Audible * CELEB PICK
Calling An Audible (00:42)
Keith Alberstadt

Would I want Peyton Manning calling the shots for me on a first date? Probably not. But then again, I find Peyton Manning kind of annoying. In this joke, Keith’s clearly got a direct line from Aaron Rodgers.

Football For Dummies * CELEB PICK
Football For Dummies (01:25)
Brian Knab

This is a great bit about football simply because it involves tailgating with Zima.

Shattered dreams * CELEB PICK
Shattered dreams (00:57)
Dwayne Perkins

Dwayne hits close to home on this one. I finally came to the realization that I’m not ever going, right about as I type this. Damn. That stings.

Marching band * CELEB PICK
Marching band (01:19)
Louis Katz

Sure, you’ve pointed, giggled, and maybe even lusted after the band geeks that parade around the field at halftime. But Louis tells a story that needs to be told. The OTHER side of the story.

I understand cheerleaders * CELEB PICK
I understand cheerleaders (01:08)
Derek Hughes

I love Derek’s impression of the first two football players ever: “Rodney” and “Alexander”. I also enjoy the fact that he’s just NOW figuring out the reason for sideline miniskirts and pom-poms.

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