Guest Editor : Santa



It’s Christmas again? Really?? Each year department stores try to sneak Christmas in earlier and earlier. I swear that I saw a mall Santa setting up the day after Halloween! Some things you just have no control over, but this year be sure to take a break from it all by sipping on some eggnog and watching some of these great comedy clips by the fire. Happy Holidays!

Christmas party * CELEB PICK
Christmas party (00:50)
Wayne Cheong

Love the twist ending!

Drunk online shopping * CELEB PICK
Drunk online shopping (00:24)
Dan Cummins

I’m doing this tonight!

Lame christmas gifts * CELEB PICK
Lame christmas gifts (00:51)
Andy Woodhull

Oh man, stationary...That is the worst!

Saving Money During the Holidays * CELEB PICK
Saving Money During the Holidays (00:40)
Isaac Witty

Great idea! I definitely adopt this tradition too.

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