Guest Editor : Bryan Tucker


Bryan Tucker

Bryan Tucker is a stand up comedian and sketch actor, but he's mostly known as a comedy writer. Bryan has written for some of the top TV sketch shows in the past decade including The Chris Rock Show and Chappelle's Show. He's now in his seventh season writing for Saturday Night Live. He lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

Imaginary Bats * CELEB PICK
Imaginary Bats (01:06)
Andres du Bouchet

I've been watching Andres do his slightly-weird but always funny sketch and stand up for ten years. This clip - from an old episode of Conan - is typical of his type of humor. A funny character actor and a great writer, you immediately recognize Andres style because his comic voice is unlike anyone else. Check out his album called "Naked Trampoline Hamlet."

Watching my wife's chihuahua * CELEB PICK
Watching my wife's chihuahua (01:04)
Christian Finnegan

I started with Christian Finnegan in New York in the late 90's. We were both passable stand ups back then. Ten years later, I've gone down the writer path while Christian has become one of the best stand ups out there. I encourage you to check him out lately because he's evolved from "funny" into "funny with real things to say."

The world, explained * CELEB PICK
The world, explained (02:40)
Maria Bamford

I have no idea why Maria Bamford is not a household name. She's an incredibly successful comic, beloved by most other comedians, but the average person still has no idea who she is. We really need to fix this.

Drag queen inspirations * CELEB PICK
Drag queen inspirations (00:32)
John Mulaney

Most people already know John Mulaney as a great stand up. But did you also know that he's one of SNL's best writers responsible for many of your favorite sketches in the past few years? John and Bill Hader came up with the Stephon character as well as many other great pieces.

McCain's crash landing * CELEB PICK
McCain's crash landing (00:43)
Laurie Kilmartin

A veteran comedian and a great joke writer, Laurie has been doing it long enough to consistently put out what she thinks is funny and not care about anything else. This clip is a great example. Laurie and I wrote together on "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn." She's now one of the writers for Conan.

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