Guest Editor : Baby Griff


Baby Griff

Baby Griff is a baby. Baby Griff is Griff's baby. Griff works here. Griff's wife had a baby on Tuesday - that baby was and is Baby Griff. Baby Griff has great taste in comedy. She likes milk, sleeping, being awake, and jokes about babies.

My rude baby * CELEB PICK
My rude baby (01:23)
Dan Cummins

This joke makes me mad. And hungry. And then... happy. Then sad again for some reason. A rude baby is a bad baby.

Ice Ice Baby * CELEB PICK
Ice Ice Baby (01:15)
Gary Gulman

Please do not ice your baby.

How old is your baby * CELEB PICK
How old is your baby (01:30)
Daniel Kinno

I'm only a week old! Thanks for asking!

Playing peek-a-boo * CELEB PICK
Playing peek-a-boo (01:03)
Reid Faylor

Where did you go? Oh, hi, there you are. WAIT... WHAT'S GOING ON?

Constipated baby * CELEB PICK
Constipated baby (00:35)
Costaki Economopoulos

This one hit a little too close to home! If you know what I'm saying! I'm saying I'm constipated, did you get that?

Shocked by the hiccups * CELEB PICK
Shocked by the hiccups (00:58)
Collin Moulton

A very good impression of a baby from someone who used to be a baby a long time ago.

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