Guest Editor : Anthony Bedard


Anthony Bedard

Anthony Bedard, the live music and comedy booker for San Francisco's Hemlock Tavern, started his monthly Club Chuckles series there in 2003. He has since launched the comedy record label Talent Moat, producing and releasing albums such as Brent Weinbach's The Night Shift. A longtime denizen of the San Francisco rock scene, Bedard played drums in the cult band Icky Boyfriends and co-wrote the screenplay for that group’s docu-comedy, “I’m Not Fascinating: The Movie!” He currently plays guitar and sings for the hard-charging Hank IV (no relation to the Hank Williams clan) and one of his best-known ditties is his theme song for Tom Scharpling's The Best Show on WFMU heard weekly on that program. Bedard once appeared on the Maury Povich show as the boyfriend of 77-year-old stripper legend Dixie Evans. Visit Anthony on Talent Moat.

Birthday sex * CELEB PICK
Birthday sex (01:08)
Chris Thayer

The hate-cuddle love child of Michael O'Donoghue and Judy Blume, Chris Thayer is mining new depths of self-objectification with his droll, serrated deadpan.

Growing My Hair Out * CELEB PICK
Growing My Hair Out (01:35)
Sean Keane

Sticking it to "The Man" never felt so blithe. Once a "Staff Pick", now a "Celebrity Pick", it is my fervent hope that Sean Keane Dot Org parlays this into a People's Golden Global Choice Award. Don't miss Sean's star turn in "The Other Side of the GOMP" video on Tom Scharpling's "Best Show on WFMU" DVD comp!

Talking to your plants * CELEB PICK
Talking to your plants (00:21)
John Hoogasian

The comedy club equation is all wrong for John Hoogasian. Hoogie should be sitting all alone at the VIP table on the main floor while the scourge that is a typical club audience huddles together on stage in front of the brick wall experiencing Peckinpah-style death by his microphonic Gatling gun.

Persuading the paper towel machine * CELEB PICK
Persuading the paper towel machine (01:30)
Sheng Wang

So long water cooler, hello watershed. Known more for his laid-back Houston via Cali deadpan, Sheng Wang gets jiggy with an automatic paper towel dispenser. Thanks to Sheng, I can't even go near one of these machines any more even if it means having to use that other type with the ever-revolving skanked-out piece of cloth.

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