Guest Editor : Holiday Shopping


Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is in full stride, and with it comes the wonder, magic, and warmth of shopping frantically for our loved ones! The stores are brimming with the spirit of giving and the sales can't be beat, until this time next year at least. Now is the time to pick up that special gift card your kid has always begged for or maybe surprise your Mom with a handmade iPad. To help you maintain sanity in between the barrage of Mall Santas and credit card swipes that make you wince, Rooftop has gift-wrapped a compilation of jokes all about the joys of shopping. Just make sure to get a receipt.

Black Friday Shopping * CELEB PICK
Black Friday Shopping (01:16)
Ted Vincent

Paying the holiday crowds to scram: The only way to shop on Black Friday.

Retail makes you racist * CELEB PICK
Retail makes you racist (01:30)
Nico Santos

Now we all know what to buy for that special Russian girl in our life. Everyone has one, right?

Jesus, I love Christmas! * CELEB PICK
Jesus, I love Christmas! (01:30)
Todd Jay

The Power of Christmas Compels You!

Drunk online shopping * CELEB PICK
Drunk online shopping (00:24)
Dan Cummins

A great tip on how to do a little something for yourself this holiday season.

Black Friday * CELEB PICK
Black Friday (01:49)
C. Willi Myles

Shopping at 3 AM is always a risky decision...

Cheap Christmas * CELEB PICK
Cheap Christmas (00:45)
Marvin Todd

If only it were this easy...

Credit card swiping * CELEB PICK
Credit card swiping (01:15)
Tommy Ryman

Self-Service Checkout may be one the biggest challenges posed to modern man.

Reviewing her purchases * CELEB PICK
Reviewing her purchases (02:03)
Tommy Blaze

Apparently this guy doesn't like shopping as much as his wife. That's Weird.

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