Guest Editor : The Easter Bunny


The Easter Bunny

Misplacing eggs filled with delectable chocolate and posing with screaming children at the mall may be his day job, but what does the Easter Bunny do for fun? He's an aspiring comedian! He has an all rabbit sketch group called Harely Legal, AND he even has his own comedy club - Bunny T Funnies in San Ramon, California! Check back to see some hilarious videos on Rooftop Comedy starring Roger, Bugs and Eggz the Energizer. Happy Easter!

Dirty Easter secret * CELEB PICK
Dirty Easter secret (01:27)
Tom Steffen

The only secret here is what exactly is that Easter grass made out of, and how does it get EVERYWHERE?

Does Jesus know about this? * CELEB PICK
Does Jesus know about this? (00:30)
Mike Cody

I don't drive a car, but if I did my bumper sticker would read Give Bunnies a Brake.

A surprise from the Tooth Fairy * CELEB PICK
A surprise from the Tooth Fairy (01:05)
Jasper Redd

A little shout out to one of my many make-believe brethren. You and Sandman keep it real.

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