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Rooftop Comedy is dedicated to comedy fans, comedians and comedy venues. Find out more about who we are and what we're doing for comics, comedy clubs, distribution partners, brands and advertisers, folks who want a sweet job, and pretty much anyone who likes to laugh.

Rooftop Comedy provides access to the best, most cutting-edge professional comedy from around the globe.

Our Comedy Broadcast Network

Rooftop Comedy records, produces and distributes live comedy performances from the best comedy clubs throughout North America and an expanding number of premium comedy venues in Europe and Asia. Using our remote broadcasting network, we film comedy every night of the week, 365 days a year. We're able to keep our fingers on the pulse of what comics are saying around the world. And give comedy fans access to the best performances each and every day.

Events and Productions

Rooftop Comedy produces original event programming, from local comedy festivals to national comedy events and tours. We utilize our wired network of comedy venues from which we can produce, record and broadcast the events along with our online interactive tools to distribute the experience.

Our original events include the annual National College Comedy Competition and the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival in Aspen, CO.

Rooftop on TV

Road Trip   That Sucks

In addition to Rooftop's original comedy on sites across the Web, you can also watch Rooftop on TV. Check out:

  • Rooftop Comedy's Road Trip – A virtual trip across the country featuring the best stand-up acts at the nation's top comedy clubs.
  • Rooftop Comedy Presents: That Sucks – Aiming to air out every imaginable grievance and gripe, this interactive show combines a selection of submissions to Sucksbox with highlights of stand-up performances from across the US talking about "things that suck."

Both programs run on MavTV on Comcast, Verizon, DISH Network, Time Warner Cable, Brighthouse, Charter and Cablevision. Visit MavTV.com/schedule to check your local listings and tune in!

Comedy Recordings

Our comedy label, Rooftop Comedy Productions, records and distributes albums for a selection of our favorite comics. Check out our stuff via the Rooftop Comedy Store or at one of our digital distribution partners, such as Apple iTunes.

Our Distribution Partners

Rooftop Comedy is the leading distributor of interactive comedy videos. We distribute comedy content to television, web and mobile channels. With an audio-video library of tens of thousands of hours of stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, improvisational comedy, and comedic short films, we customize our comedic content to meet our distribution partners' needs.

Our Staff

Who are the folks behind Rooftop Comedy? Our staff of developers, editors, producers, marketers, salespeople and coffee and donuts dudes/dudettes are headquartered in San Francisco, CA. We watch an unbelievable amount of comedy. For more about us and what's currently making us laugh, check out our Staff Picks updated each week.

Why "Rooftop" Comedy?

In September 2005, some friends and former colleagues sat on a rooftop overlooking the San Francisco Bay putting a hurt on a couple of tasty bloody marys. We'd just decided to launch our company, but we were struggling for a good name. We were mixing two worlds filled with notoriously crappy business names: the Internet and the comedy industries: DigitalFerret.com; Shenanigan's Ha-Ha Hole Where Every Night is Ladies Night. The bar was set pretty low. Sitting on the roof that evening talking through all the things we wanted to do, we settled on Rooftop Comedy. Our first rooftop board meeting had been a good way to kick off a company, so why not?

Our Partners

Rooftop partners with clubs across the country to bring you the best in stand-up comedy.
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