Nato Green's Debut Album “The Nato Green Party” To Be Released By Rooftop Comedy Productions On June 5, 2012

May 29, 2012

San Francisco – May 2012 – Rooftop Comedy, the leading interactive media producer of original comedy content, is proud to announce the June 5 release of Nato Green’s debut stand­up comedy album: The Nato Green Party. The release will coincide with Nato’s appearance at Netroots Nation 2012 in Providence, Rhode Island, June 7­9 where he and Laughter Against The Machine (W. Kamau Bell and Janine Brito) will be doing standup and presenting and discussing clips from their tour documentary, to be released later this summer.

Preorder link is here:­nato­green­party

Praise for The Nato Green Party:
“I’ve always tried to provide the soundtrack to the revolution. Nato Green provides the laugh track.”
- ­­Boots Riley of hip­hop group The Coup & Street Sweeper Social Club with Tom Morello.

“Nato Green is the real deal; cogent, hilarious and indispensable.” ­­
- Greg Proops, Comedian, The Smartest Man in the World podcast

"Nato Green—an unabashed Left Coast, labor organizing, immigrant­loving, foodie—turns the art of laughing at himself into some of the most incisive comedy of our time. If you hate liberals or are one, he's the comic for you."
- ­­Jeff Chang, Author of Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip­Hop Generation, and the forthcoming Who We Be: The Colorization of America.

"I use clips of Nato's comedy into trainings for activists on campaign strategy all over the country. His comedy unveils our own contradictions and mistakes as activists, as well as hard truths about people in power. It produces the kind of laughter that holds our movement together." ­­
- Joshua Kahn Russell, Organizer, Ruckus Society &

About Nato Green

On The Nato Green Party, his debut album, Nato tells outrageous true stories of run­ins with anti­semitism and his involvement in protests and civil disobedience. He attacks the Holocaust, Occupy Wall Street, the state of the gay rights movement, electoral politics, and parenthood with a singularly fierce and funny point of view, rooted in a liftetime of involvement in the cultural and political left. Never one to do things the easy way, Nato’s album represents a rare feat: Nato and ?Rooftop Comedy moved mountains to release The Nato Green Party just 28 days after recording at the The New Parish Theater in Oakland, California.

Nato Green was summed up more or less accurately by The East Bay Express as, “erudite and acerbic, a San Francisco­raised father, union organizer, gastronome, bibliophile, and political sparkplug.”

In the last year, after retiring from a fourteen­year career as a union organizer, Nato worked on the pilot presentation for W. Kamau Bell's new Chris Rock­produced late night show, Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. The show will premiere for six episodes on the FX network on August 9. He tours with W. Kamau Bell & Janine Brito as Laughter Against the Machine, the guerrilla stand­up comedy tour, like Doctors Without Borders with jokes. Laughter Against the Machine conducted a Kicktstarter campaign to film a feature­length tour documentary from the frontlines of American controversy, unexpectedly landing in the middle of Occupy Wall Street and the Oakland general strike. The documentary will be released this summer.

Nato was named SF Weekly’s Best Comedian of 2010 and got his own cover story in 2011 for getting “smarter and faster” and putting on “legendary” shows that keep audiences “doubled over.” Nato is the creator of Iron Comic, the Iron Chef­spoofing comedy game show that he often co­hosts with Moshe Kasher. Nato's humor commentaries have appeared in Huffington Post, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, The Rumpus, The Bold Italic, and more. Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket, said Nato is, “Righteous and hilarious, bracing and a hoot, Nato Green is like finding a shot of bourbon at your co­worker's stupid vegan potluck.”

About Rooftop Comedy Productions
The album will be available through online retailers including iTunes, Amazon, and It will also be available to stream on Pandora, Spotify, and Previously released recordings from ROOFTOP COMEDY PRODUCTIONS include: Tommy Johnagin’s Stand­up Comedy, Grammy® Nominee Sandra Bernhard’s I Love Being Me, Don’t You?, Hal Sparks’ Escape From Halcatraz, Moshe Kasher’s Everyone You Know Is Going To Die, And Then You Are, W. Kamau Bell’s Face Full Of Flour, and Tom Segura’s Thrilled, among others. ROOFTOP COMEDY records, produces and distributes live comedy performances from the best comedy clubs throughout the world. Using our remote broadcasting network, we film comedy every night of the week, 365 days a year. We work with more than 5,000 professional comedians, writers, and filmmakers to produce new material daily.

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Nato Green's Debut Album “The Nato Green Party” To Be Released By Rooftop Comedy Productions On June 5, 2012

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