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The last name in news, the first to get it right.

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Date: 6/13/14
I'm Sick of Bullies Andy Haynes is sick of bullying.

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Date: 6/7/14
Views: 20 5 stars
My Auto-Correct is Sentient Joseph Scrimshaw proves that Ray Kurzweil's correct, the "Singularity" is near.
Date: 6/7/14
Views: 46 5 stars
Sexism in Advertising Joseph Scrimshaw is all for sexism as long as it serves him...Chicken wings.
Date: 6/11/14
Views: 36 3 stars
Wanda Sykes on Catholicism Whitmer Thomas channels his inner Wanda and we watch, jaws agape.
Date: 5/31/14
Views: 55 5 stars
I Go To Ikea Dax Jordan's take on shopping at Ikea.
Date: 5/17/14
Views: 214 5 stars
Advertisements for Idiots Geoff Tate loves his beer one way and one way only...Cold!
Date: 5/17/14
Views: 67 5 stars
Von Trapps vs. The Community Karl Spaeth explains why he hates the film The Sound of Music.
Date: 5/1/14
Views: 91 3 stars
Masturbator Killer Rob O'Reilly has blood on his hands and some other stuff.
Date: 5/10/14
Views: 328 3 stars
Brett Favre's Junk Geoff LaFleur took an interest in seeing a leaked photo of Brett Favre's junk. Here he explains why!
Date: 4/18/14
Views: 37 3 stars
Essential Vitamins And Gluten Rob Haze ponders the new opposition to gluten, and how he (and his grandmother) have been able to survive so long with gluten in their diet.
Date: 4/19/14
Views: 91 2 stars
Messing With Subway Employees Mike Baldwin is messing with the employees at Subway and he's making that $5 footlong extra worth it.
Date: 3/28/14
Views: 76 5 stars
Young Males VS Chimps Joel Kunz is looking for a hole that will give him a shock.
Date: 3/30/14
Views: 119 5 stars
Miley Cyrus Brian O'Sullivan is cheating on Taylor Swift with Miley Cyrus. The man has no loyalty!
Date: 3/1/14
Views: 196 3 stars
Bad Parents Chris Bryant leads by example just like his Ma and Pa.
Date: 2/21/14
Views: 135 5 stars
Flight Attendant Collecting Trash Matt Fernandez politely hands his empty cup and peanut wrapper to the flight attendant and it's a non-event.
Date: 2/21/14
Views: 55 3 stars
Truth In Advertising Caroline Bassett sees the truth in advertising.
Date: 1/25/14
Views: 132 3 stars
Job At Kmart Curtis Cook is chillin' at the Big K.
Date: 2/8/14
Views: 68 3 stars
New Child Labor Laws Matt Ingebretson believes children are entitled to smoke breaks just like adults. I mean come on, it's their money!
Date: 1/25/14
Views: 90 3 stars
Mormons Get Married Quick Marc Theobald has been burned by whirlwind romance before. After the honeymoon, it's all over!
Date: 1/17/14
Views: 54 3 stars
Interracial Marriage Justin Leon has an aunt that is still letting her soul glo.
Date: 8/10/13
Views: 41 3 stars
White Neighborhood Mike Yard is loving his white neighborhood.
Date: 8/9/13
Views: 367 4 stars
Trust In God Stewart Huff doesn't wanna put a lie on the back of his Honda. I bet he wishes he lived in Hazzard County. I know I do.
Date: 7/31/13
Views: 280 3 stars
White Interview Woes Sumukh Torgalker is whiting it up with the best of 'em. Just ask him how he's doing.
Date: 8/6/13
Views: 302 2 stars
90s Music Brad Scott has got to get his in a big black truck. You can get yours in a 6-4.
Date: 8/2/13
Views: 312 5 stars
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