If it stinks, offends, or grosses you out, this is the place to be where comics "go there" and explore those parts of life, anatomy and the human condition that most people, well, keep to themselves. Tune in weekly for the best gross comedy from RooftopComedy artists around the world.



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Date: 3/5/14
Cocaine Blues Doug Smith shows us that we don't laugh nearly as much as we should about the cocaine comedown.

Episode Guide

Date: 3/1/14
Views: 20 3 stars
Advantages of Being Gay & Music Preferences Guy Branum is getting balls dried in his face and loving every moment of it. Go Tigers!
Date: 2/27/14
Views: 44 3 stars
Febreeze For That Special Place The Puterbaugh Sisters are nothing, if not fresh.
Date: 2/1/14
Views: 62 5 stars
Older Sister's Sick Day Trick Josh Branham has learned many lessons from watching his big sis. That explains the crop tops.
Date: 8/16/13
Views: 389 3 stars
Lying To My Wife Dan Gabriel read something somewhere so that his wife would believe him.
Date: 11/2/12
Views: 244 3 stars
Date: 7/27/13
Views: 144 4 stars
Noticing Things Erik Anker is a keen observer of all things female anatomy.
Date: 7/30/13
Views: 312 5 stars
When Is Jerking It Okay? Eric Frost asks important questions about masturbating and roommates.
Date: 4/26/13
Views: 154 5 stars
Potty Training Desperation Justin Worsham tries to train his piss-happy child with cheerios and M&Ms
Date: 7/20/13
Views: 70 3 stars
Stoner Parent Expressions Collin Moulton was raised with some odd expressions.
Date: 7/20/13
Views: 219 4 stars
There's No Nut Girl Collin Moulton is a vagina guy.
Date: 7/13/13
Views: 272 3 stars
Masturbating Longevity Natalie Cox is into leisurely masturbation.
Date: 7/17/13
Views: 160 4 stars
ESPN Comment Section Erotic Literature Tom Brady gets caught up in post-article-comments.
Date: 6/29/13
Views: 93 5 stars
You Ever Do That? Sam Norton indulges in a liquid exorcism and wants to know if you've also ever done that.
Date: 6/29/13
Views: 116 3 stars
Airplane Necessities Mac Blake overheard a conversation on a plane about Bin Laden.
Date: 6/21/13
Views: 53 3 stars
Colonoscopy Nathan Brannon didn't want to die so he opted for an anal probing.
Date: 6/14/13
Views: 67 3 stars
Having Kids Can Be Messy Ian Gutoskie is going to be a father one day.
Date: 3/14/13
Views: 96 3 stars
My Favorite Things Derek Smith just needs to talk about something real quick.
Date: 5/25/13
Views: 101 3 stars
Health Check David Tobey has learned how to get along without health insurance.
Date: 6/10/13
Views: 153 5 stars
My Dad's Only Joke Matt Wayne's Dad only has one joke.
Date: 6/5/13
Views: 68 3 stars
Little Brother Borrowing Your Car Dan Loper should not have let his little brother borrow his car.
Date: 6/5/13
Views: 118 5 stars
Not Good at Trimming Erik Tait is not good at trimming his short and curlies.
Date: 6/12/13
Views: 100 5 stars
Date: 5/1/13
Views: 171 5 stars
Evolution Evidence Geoff Tate believes in evolution.
Date: 5/17/13
Views: 121 5 stars
Hate Cats Johnny Beehner hates cats and rightfully so.
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