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The last name in news, the first to get it right.

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Date: 3/1/14
Bad Parents Chris Bryant leads by example just like his Ma and Pa.

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Date: 2/21/14
Views: 72 5 stars
Flight Attendant Collecting Trash Matt Fernandez politely hands his empty cup and peanut wrapper to the flight attendant and it's a non-event.
Date: 2/21/14
Views: 21 3 stars
Truth In Advertising Caroline Bassett sees the truth in advertising.
Date: 1/25/14
Views: 57 3 stars
Job At Kmart Curtis Cook is chillin' at the Big K.
Date: 2/8/14
Views: 44 3 stars
New Child Labor Laws Matt Ingebretson believes children are entitled to smoke breaks just like adults. I mean come on, it's their money!
Date: 1/25/14
Views: 85 3 stars
Mormons Get Married Quick Marc Theobald has been burned by whirlwind romance before. After the honeymoon, it's all over!
Date: 1/17/14
Views: 47 3 stars
Interracial Marriage Justin Leon has an aunt that is still letting her soul glo.
Date: 8/9/13
Views: 351 4 stars
Trust In God Stewart Huff doesn't wanna put a lie on the back of his Honda. I bet he wishes he lived in Hazzard County. I know I do.
Date: 7/31/13
Views: 278 3 stars
White Interview Woes Sumukh Torgalker is whiting it up with the best of 'em. Just ask him how he's doing.
Date: 8/6/13
Views: 297 2 stars
90s Music Brad Scott has got to get his in a big black truck. You can get yours in a 6-4.
Date: 8/2/13
Views: 308 5 stars
Facebook Legacy Jon Rudnitsky is a part time pretzel photographer and a full time hottie.
Date: 5/4/13
Views: 669 5 stars
Oprah Is Full of Shit Ted Alexandro believes Oprah is full of shit. I believe Ted Alexandro is bitter because his cable provider does not offer OWN.
Date: 7/29/13
Views: 255 5 stars
You Don't Work Out Ricky Reyes without his shirt on is like my personal documents when they are disposed of...SHREDDED! Yeah bro! Don't touch my pukka shell choker!
Date: 7/20/13
Views: 117 3 stars
Pot Smoking Patrick Keane on all things pot.
Date: 7/20/13
Views: 74 3 stars
Violent History Patrick Keane talks about one of the worst violent offenders in statistical history, and it's probably not who you were expecting...
Date: 7/20/13
Views: 50 3 stars
Advocating One Amendment Mike MacRae is anticipating getting murdered. He better start packing some heat.
Date: 7/13/13
Views: 44 3 stars
ESPN Overload Murv Seymour loves sports but fears ESPN has gone too far.
Date: 7/9/13
Views: 41 3 stars
A Little About Me Kyle DeWees tell us about himself.
Date: 4/3/13
Views: 46 3 stars
The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Mike Lawrence loves The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.
Date: 7/12/13
Views: 96 5 stars
Neil Degrasse High Ryan Singer wants to make a series called "Neil Degrasse High."
Date: 7/6/13
Views: 75 3 stars
Date: 6/30/13
Views: 78 3 stars
Motivating Pandas Jimmy Failla on how to motivate for panda breeding.
Date: 6/28/13
Views: 33 3 stars
This Is How I Talk Roddy MacInnes is from Scotland and has a very faint accent.
Date: 3/16/13
Views: 109 5 stars
Dealing With Tough Times Eddie Pepitone on where the tough times are headed.
Date: 4/27/13
Views: 109 5 stars
The N Word is a Habit Teddy Smith learned something about the "N" word.
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