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Date: 5/23/09
Views: 142 5 stars
Activists, Presidents, Taxes, and the Rich Will Durst gets depressed by our political role models, Macio isn't worried about the first black president, Larry Reeb wants to tax our morons, and Cy Amundson feels bad for the rich people. Just kidding.
Date: 5/19/09
Views: 122 5 stars
Money, War, and Social Security Amber Preston doesn't let the economy stop her, Pete Lee solves the Iraq War problem, Larry Reeb gets you freaked about Social Security, and Chris Bliss gets depressed by the depression.
Date: 5/11/09
Views: 126 5 stars
Obama, Layoffs, DTV, and Technology Dov Davidoff knows how Obama can trim the pork, Faye Haire's worried about layoffs, Maurice Jovan is getting ready for the digital TV transition, and Jesse Joyce brings you into the not-so-new millennium.
Date: 5/2/09
Views: 2,006 5 stars
Date: 5/1/09
Views: 156 5 stars
Bailouts, Digital TV, the Economy, and CNN Geoff Tate makes the most of the bailouts, Tim Slagle eases you into the digital TV transition, the recession hits David James hard, and Dov Davidoff runs down the news.
Date: 4/24/09
Views: 140 5 stars
Barack, Pirates, ShamWow, and Teabagging Ty Barnett explains Obama's sneaky election, Dov Davidoff explains the Somali pirate situation, Bob Biggerstaff gets tricked by Shamwow, and Larry Reeb gets into teabagging.
Date: 4/17/09
Views: 133 5 stars
Obama, Facebook, Adoption, and Republicans Ted Alexandro takes on Barack Hussein Obama, Mary Mack is social networking, Will Hardesty pulls an Angelina Jolie, and Cy Amundson gets recruited.
Date: 4/13/09
Views: 196 5 stars
Bush, Healthcare, Women, and Gay Marriage George Bush leaves a heck of a legacy in JR Brow's imagination, Jimmy Dore solves the health crisis, Ted Alexandro contemplates a female President, and Tom Steffen is pissed about gay marriage.
Date: 4/6/09
Views: 207 5 stars
Healthcare, Joblessness, and Obama David Crowe chimes in on the healthcare debate, Phil Mazo thinks the unemployed should stop complaining, Billy D. Washington rings in the New Year, John Evans drinks to Obama, and Mike Gardner has news for ...
Date: 3/30/09
Views: 134 5 stars
Bristol, Barack, Slick Willy, and Kellogg's Joe Lovitt breaks the bad news about Bristol and Levi's split, Bryan Gutmann believes in the magic of Obama, Ann Coulter calls Bill Clinton gay, according to Collin Moulton, and Auggie Smith thinks Kellogg'...
Date: 3/26/09
Views: 2,629 4 stars
Recession Proof Two recent college grads are jobless and stuck in the recession... "literally"
Date: 3/20/09
Views: 1,061 4 stars
Date: 3/21/09
Views: 184 5 stars
The Watchmen, Racism, Phelps and Oil Butch Wesley and the dirty scenes in The Watchmen, Gene Renfroe diversifies the neighborhood, David Beck stands in solidarity with Michael "Weedman" Phelps, and David Crowe thinks America's addicted.
Date: 3/13/09
Views: 114 5 stars
Sacrifices, Babies, Health Care and Weed Gary Gulman wants the rich folks to brace themselves, Cy Amundson loves natural childbirth, Mary Mack is mad about the economy, and Kyle Grooms thinks it'd all be fine if Obama would just legalize it.
Date: 1/5/09
Views: 77 5 stars
Obama, Immigration, Google and Gayness Donnell Keith Grey bonds with Obama, Lachlan Patterson googles like crazy, Nitin Kant solves the immigration problem, and Robert Hawkins is done with gay pride parades.
Date: 1/12/09
Views: 43 5 stars
The Bailout, Bush, and Barack's Agenda Andi Smith doesn't care about Bush anymore, Andy Erikson wants peace in the Middle East and Wisconsin too, Gary Gulman likes that Obama can read, and Roy Wood Jr.'s not quite as stoked about it.
Date: 1/19/09
Views: 42 5 stars
Obama In Office, Gay Marriage and The First Lady Dwight Slade celebrates Obama being in office, Andrew Norelli says gayness cannot be stopped, Alonzo Bodden thinks it's time to get postal on the greedy CEO's, and Greg Edwards has a thing for Michelle Obam...
Date: 1/26/09
Views: 27 5 stars
Notorious, The US Debt, and Obama's Agenda Prescott Tolk gets busted for driving with a cell phone, Roy Wood Jr. solves racism, Andy Ritchie thinks the auto bailout sucked, and Robert Hawkins invests in a piece of history. Victory is even sweeter wh...
Date: 2/2/09
Views: 18 5 stars
Cell Phones, Racism, The Big 3 and Barack Alonzo Bodden reviews 'Notorious,' Kyle Grooms thinks Obama is black enough, John Roy's got debt, and Rich Hall knows America's debt is bigger.
Date: 2/9/09
Views: 22 5 stars
Phelps, Election Reflection, & Planned Parenthood Steve Hartman and Michael Phelps get high, Marcus Ryan breaks down the Obama voter, Patrick Susmilch gives some slutty gifts, and W. Kamau Bell gets white people excited about Obama.
Date: 2/16/09
Views: 45 3 stars
Currency, Facebook, Elitism And Value Menus Tyrone Hawkins salutes Obama, Amber Preston is addicted to Facebook, Jimmy Dore thinks Obama is a snob, and Jeremy Essig sees the bright side of the economic downturn.
Date: 2/23/09
Views: 16 3 stars
Role Reversals, PETA, Geneva & Gas Prices Josh Sneed smells the change, Tabari McCoy says to get your boobs out of his ice cream, James Moore predicts the end of the world, and Ty Barnett scams Exxon.
Date: 3/2/09
Views: 71 5 stars
Obama, Fake Boobs, Recession Math, and Gun Nuts Obama gets sworn in and Josh Sneed was there (so was everyone else), Matt Fugate buys some graduation boobs, Jimmy Dore does the math on the bailout so you don't have to, and Cy Amundson fears the crazies.
Date: 3/7/09
Views: 1,726 4 stars
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