We’re the last name in news, but the first to get it right. NewsPop Comedy features comics around the world serving up-to-the-minute takes on todays' headlines. The truth hurts, but it's sooooo funny. Tune in weekly for the best news, pop culture and political humor from RooftopComedy artists around the world.

NewsPop Comedy

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Date: 8/1/09
Views: 1,378 4 stars
Date: 8/8/09
Views: 929 4 stars
Date: 7/25/09
Views: 2,582 5 stars
Date: 7/18/09
Views: 845 4 stars
Date: 7/18/09
Views: 909 5 stars
Date: 7/13/09
Views: 408 3 stars
Date: 7/13/09
Views: 912 5 stars
Date: 7/11/09
Views: 1,821 4 stars
Date: 7/6/09
Views: 118 5 stars
Barack, Trillions, Baseball and Polar Bears W. Kamau Bell is sick of seeing Barack on TV, Jimmy Dore ponders America's trillions, Matt Conty mixes up politics and baseball, and Dan Cummins saves the polar bears... only not.
Date: 6/27/09
Views: 1,188 4 stars
Date: 6/11/09
Views: 8,873 4 stars
Date: 6/13/09
Views: 10,680 4 stars
Date: 6/26/09
Views: 130 3 stars
Cheney, Gay Marriage, and Octomom Will Durst is scared of Cheney, Paul Varghese explains Indian tech support, James Moore argues against arguments against gay marriage, and Josh Sneed takes the Octomom down.
Date: 6/13/09
Views: 11,667 4 stars
Date: 6/23/09
Views: 10,607 4 stars
Date: 6/22/09
Views: 167 3 stars
Pirates, Obama, and White People Costaki Economopoulos is baffled by pirates, Joe Lovitt thinks Obama can't dance, Drew Thomas learns about white people, and Tim Slagle sees the bright side to global warming.
Date: 6/12/09
Views: 6,238 4 stars
Date: 6/13/09
Views: 1,558 5 stars
Date: 6/15/09
Views: 120 3 stars
401Ks, Saddam, Facebook, and Bills Will Durst counts down his 401K, Isaac Witty is jealous of Saddam, Greg Berman Facebooks the recession, and Bill Arrundale pays the bills.
Date: 6/6/09
Views: 779 4 stars
Date: 6/5/09
Views: 213 5 stars
Gay marriage, Obama, iPhones, and Driving Will Durst settles the gay marriage debate (for now), Obama is not Mike Armstrong's savior, Andy Sandford has all the hottest new iPhone apps, and Jamie Lissow breaks down cell phone laws.
Date: 6/1/09
Views: 145 3 stars
Space, Gay Rights, 2012, and Obama Tom Simmons has a plan for outer space, Chris Bliss digs Canadian tolerance, Mike Stanley has some 2012 predictions, and Matt Fugate is hot for Obama.
Date: 5/23/09
Views: 142 5 stars
Activists, Presidents, Taxes, and the Rich Will Durst gets depressed by our political role models, Macio isn't worried about the first black president, Larry Reeb wants to tax our morons, and Cy Amundson feels bad for the rich people. Just kidding.
Date: 5/19/09
Views: 122 5 stars
Money, War, and Social Security Amber Preston doesn't let the economy stop her, Pete Lee solves the Iraq War problem, Larry Reeb gets you freaked about Social Security, and Chris Bliss gets depressed by the depression.
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