In one way or another, hooking up is what makes the world go 'round. It's comedic couples’ therapy: sex, marriage, relationships and what we love to hate (and hate to love) about getting down. You may learn a thing or two... Tune in weekly for the best sex & relationship humor from RooftopComedy artists around the world.

Hooking Up

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Date: 7/30/09
Views: 870 4 stars
Date: 7/25/09
Views: 1,115 5 stars
Date: 7/25/09
Views: 2,795 5 stars
Date: 7/25/09
Views: 3,419 4 stars
Carrying condoms everywhere Ever since he turned 30, Roy Wood Jr. stopped carrying condoms everywhere.
Date: 7/13/09
Views: 512 4 stars
Date: 6/13/09
Views: 966 4 stars
Date: 7/3/09
Views: 1,219 5 stars
Date: 6/27/09
Views: 1,018 5 stars
Date: 7/6/09
Views: 161 1 stars
Confidence, Sexual Eating and Gayness Stewart Huff exudes confidence, Mike Cody isn't gay and wants you to know it, and Moshe Kasher wishes he was and tells you why.
Date: 6/28/09
Views: 1,258 4 stars
Date: 6/12/09
Views: 11,828 5 stars
Date: 6/26/09
Views: 183 3 stars
Sweethearts, Condoms, Gayness, and Babies Pat Dixon married his high school sweetheart, Lamar Williams uses condoms, Pete Lee wants you to know he's not gay, and Nick Griffin knows why men love babies.
Date: 6/26/09
Views: 9,607 5 stars
Date: 6/26/09
Views: 12,200 4 stars
Date: 6/26/09
Views: 14,954 4 stars
Date: 6/13/09
Views: 9,882 4 stars
Date: 6/13/09
Views: 10,545 4 stars
Date: 6/22/09
Views: 258 2 stars
Porn, Liars, Sunglasses, and G-spots Bill Arrundale doesn't need porn, Tom Steffen calls out the liars out there, Flip Schultz has women figured out, and Costaki Economopoulos finds the G-spot.
Date: 6/15/09
Views: 244 4 stars
Foreplay, Smiling, eHarmony, and Proposing Ian Bagg knows something about foreplay, Jono Zalay smiles while he does it, Andy Sandford's up on eHarmony, and Geoff Tate's proposal was... surprising.
Date: 6/5/09
Views: 258 3 stars
Jeans, Bedtime, Winks, and Take-overs Geoff Tate shells out for $200 jeans, Joe O'Connell gets angry, then sleepy, Erik Allen makes a winky face - at you!, and women take over... Dan O'Sullivan
Date: 6/3/09
Views: 260 3 stars
Bar Hookups, Dates, Babies, and Condoms Paul Varghese lays out the new rules for bar hookups, Tommy Ryman's got game, Scott Dunn explains where babies come from, and Erik Allen gets some Catholic condoms.
Date: 5/26/09
Views: 377 5 stars
Oldies, Panties, Going Gay, and Jerks Kermet Apio's too old for the ladies, Ricky Reyes enjoys some big edible panties, Mike Vecchione draws the line, and Bryson turner examines the nice guy vs. jerk dilemma.
Date: 5/18/09
Views: 463 5 stars
Marriage, the Internet, and Stripping Moms Ricky Reyes shatters the marriage fantasy, Dave Waite finds love online, Nathan Timmel gets dumped, and Ryan Singer's mom wants to strip.
Date: 5/11/09
Views: 415 3 stars
Sex Deals, Travel, Nakedness, and Dicks Pete Lee makes some sex deals, Jonathan Pace travels for work, Ben San Del is thinking about naked women (always), and Tom Rhodes is realistic about his size. You gotta love honesty.
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