In one way or another, hooking up is what makes the world go 'round. It's comedic couples’ therapy: sex, marriage, relationships and what we love to hate (and hate to love) about getting down. You may learn a thing or two... Tune in weekly for the best sex & relationship humor from RooftopComedy artists around the world.

Hooking Up

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Date: 6/17/14
Views: 48 3 stars
My Girl Is Like A Ferrari Alfred Haywood compares his girl to a sports car.
Date: 6/10/14
Views: 95 5 stars
Date: 5/25/14
Views: 110 3 stars
Guys are Hypocrites Calise Hawkins discusses guys and lies.
Date: 5/23/14
Views: 84 3 stars
Box Of Tampons Dan Weeks is using tampons to impress.
Date: 4/19/14
Views: 107 5 stars
No Privacy Adam Harrington experiences real fear whilst having some "me," time.
Date: 4/11/14
Views: 62 3 stars
Drinking and One Night Stands John Schroeck loves a bit of the grape. Who can blame him?
Date: 4/9/14
Views: 48 3 stars
"Done It" Two Times Brandon Wardell is practically a professional sex man by now.
Date: 3/28/14
Views: 48 4 stars
Homobile Marty Archibald is the toast of town in his customized ride.
Date: 3/30/14
Views: 76 5 stars
Gay Bodyguard Brian O'Sullivan hires a gay bodyguard for the reasonable price of his unconditional love.
Date: 3/21/14
Views: 286 5 stars
Date: 3/1/14
Views: 98 3 stars
Virgin Airlines Jay Reid is the next Richard Branson.
Date: 3/1/14
Views: 76 3 stars
Sexting While High Sean Conroy is stepping up his sexting game and we're all like "NOICE!"
Date: 3/1/14
Views: 42 1 stars
Like the Boobs Brett Hamil is ready to break out his little shorts and leave a little scrote out. Hawt dudez!
Date: 1/31/14
Views: 49 3 stars
Fitness Goals Josh Arnold is putting on his leotard and leg warmers and working hard for the money.
Date: 1/25/14
Views: 54 3 stars
Inline Dating Tom Brady combines his love of dating with in-line skating. The results must be heard to be seen, then believed.
Date: 1/17/14
Views: 31 3 stars
New Proposition Justin Leon is planning on making a mint as a gay specific divorce attorney.
Date: 8/9/13
Views: 527 3 stars
Medium Sex Drive Dan Soder is an honest man with a medium sex drive. What's wrong with that?
Date: 7/31/13
Views: 321 5 stars
Selective Memory Paul Soleo is a great listener and a binge drinker.
Date: 8/7/13
Views: 179 3 stars
Started Playing Wii Steve Mac has a fiance that can really shake a soda can, if you know what I mean.
Date: 8/2/13
Views: 284 4 stars
Ugly Kids Collin Moulton does a public service to prevent the world from being filled with ugly children.
Date: 7/20/13
Views: 194 5 stars
You Had to Get a Boat Mike MacRae explains why the boat you want will become a bone of contention.
Date: 7/20/13
Views: 173 4 stars
Sleep Fighter Alex Stone indulges in shut eye all by his lonesome, otherwise his lady friend ruins it by floppin around like a dern fish!
Date: 7/13/13
Views: 61 4 stars
Girlfriends Health Insurance Brendan K. O'Grady finally got health insurance!
Date: 7/9/13
Views: 88 5 stars
What's Married Life Like? Kyle DeWees tells us what being married is like.
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