Sex and Catholic school (01:34)

Lisa Landry

2009 Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival

June 13, 2009

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2009 performers

Finesse Mitchell Finesse Mitchell
Long before Finesse became a cast member on Saturday Night Live, he made quite an impact in the world of stand-up comedy. If you want to know whether to buy that pair of skinny jeans, by all means, ask your girlfriends. But when it comes to men – ask Finesse.

Will Durst
The Chicago Tribune argues he's a "hysterical hybrid of Hunter Thompson and Charles Osgood," although the Washington Post portrays him as "the dark Prince of doubt." All agree Durst is America's premier political comic.

Pat Dixon
A top-notch writer and engaging performer, Dixon combines a conversational style with tight, punchy material, all fueled by a uniquely off-kilter comedic sensibility.

JR Brow
With topics ranging from Columbine to Donkey Kong, JR expertly blends seemingly opposing subjects into a hilarious mix.

Lisa Landry
Lisa Landry is one of the most fearless and innovative women working in the New York City stand-up comedy scene.

Kyle Grooms
One of the funniest young comics on the New York stand-up circuit with a host of TV and radio credits to his name including "Def Comedy Jam," and "Chappelle's Show."

W. Kamau Bell
A Bay Area comedian, writer, and director for more than ten years , W. Kamau Bell lists his comedic influences as Cracked Magazine, Kentucky Fried Movie, and Malcolm X.

Josh Sneed
After quitting a comfy day job working for Procter & Gamble in 2001, he's made excellent strides in following his passion for making people laugh.

Pete Lee
After ten years drowning in "Minnesota nice", Pete recently moved to New York to get in touch with his inner prick. In NYC, Pete finally found his voice.

Ted Alexandro
One of the rising young comedians in the country and around the world, Ted's laid back style offers something for everyone, combining hilarious observations with hysterical physical comedy.

Matt Braunger
Matt became a full-fledged stand-up comedian in Chicago performing in both the 2001 and 2002 Chicago Comedy Festivals, he also was a founding member of the seminal improv group The Seaning.

Moshe Kasher Moshe Kasher
Original, brash and smart combining energetic performance with viciously funny writing.

Tracey Ashley Tracey Ashley
On stage, Tracey's good ol' southern upbringing, sprinkled with stories of living in the Midwest, creates a performance of seamless storytelling and earned her the prestigious nomination by Campus Activities Magazine as Best Female Performer in 2008.

Chad Daniels
A Comedy Central's Laugh Riots Competition finalist and a performer at the prestigious Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy and Arts Festival, Chad made his network television debut on CBS' The Late Late Show in 2004.

Daniel Kinno
Kinno delivers insightful and raucous narratives on topics ranging from the menial tasks of daily life, to relationships, pop culture, and his unusual Russian heritage with a truly unique perspective.

Robert Hawkins
With work in cable TV, network TV, writing, acting, etc.--Robert Hawkins' first love is performing comedy in front of a live audience, and obviously he's pretty damn good at it.

Dan Cummins
Often described as "refreshing" and "twisted," go watch him before he is struck by lightning and/or cast as a cheesy sidekick in a horribly written sitcom.

Lachlan Patterson
He Performed at the Montreal Comedy Festival in 06 and made his American television debut on Comedy Central's "Live at Gotham."

Cameron Esposito
Nominated for Best Female Comic 2007 by the Chicago Comedy Awards, she was Rooftop Comedy's hand-picked stand-up winner at Chicago's Snubfest competition, securing herself a spot in the 2009 Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival.

Tommy Johnagin
A medium energy act without the gift to sell a joke with actions alone, at twenty three, Tommy is already a favorite at comedy clubs all across the country.

Ty Barnett
With his ability to put a funny and unique spin on topics such as race, religion and politics, Ty demonstrates that comedy can be funny and thought-provoking.

Marina Franklin
Full of talent, so take note of this funny lady as the audiences have fallen in love with her unique comedy style and stage presence. Viciously likeable (If there is such a thing).

Jessi Campbell Jessi Campbell
With her high energy and hilarious stories keeping audiences on the edge of their seats, Jessi joins us this year as the winner of Rooftop Comedy's People's Choice Comic online competition.

Laurie Kilmartin Laurie Kilmartin
A seasoned comic who has performed in Iraq, the UK, forty of the fifty US States, the Montreal Comedy Festival and a laundromat, her finely crafted jokes make her one of comedy's funniest women.

College Comedy Finalists

Danny and the Page: Funny Film Winner 2009
University of Minnesota: 2009 Stand-up Champions
2009 Award Winners

The Roofie

Robert Hawkins

The Golden Shingle

Kevin Camia

The Silver Nail

Maggie Faris
Dave Waite
Faye Haire
Sean Lecomber
Donnell Keith Grey
Cy Amundson
Ryan Singer
Alex Koll

Comics' Comic

Chad Daniels

Best Club for Emerging Talent

Acme Comedy Club (Minneapolis)

Best Club to Work

Cap City Comedy Club (Austin)

Clubs' Comic

Pete Lee

Best Online Comedy Forum

A Special Thing

Best Online Comedy Industry Publication

Punchline Magazine

Best Sketch Comedy Web Series

Mary Van Note Show

Best Comedy Twitter

Jason Sweeney - (@sween)

The Best of the Fest

Moshe Kasher

Viewer's Choice: Clip of the Year 2009

Thinking of a Tramp Stamp by Maggie Faris —  The Best Comedy Out There is On Here.

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