Vince Carone who has been described by fellow comedian Pablo Rodriguez as “A ranting blue-collar rep for America’s true voice” is fresh off his 2nd CD/DVD release entitled “Thanks For The Clap” and has been turning heads and busting guts across the country with non-stop performances.

Carone describes himself growing up as an outside the box, quasi jock, class clown who never quite fit in. “I was athletic enough not to be the last guy picked in gym class and I was funny enough to be at the disposal of the popular class clown who used me to say the stuff he was too scared to say so that I could take the heat for it”. Spending his four years in high-school serving Breakfast Club type Saturday Detentions, it was at age seventeen when everyone started picking colleges that Carone knew his passion was in stand-up comedy…a place where the more unique you were, the more success you could have.

Performing since 2001, Carone is no stranger to the comedy circuit. Since his early days, Carone has toured the country and shared the stage with funny-man powerhouses such as Pablo Francisco, Dave Attell, Bobby Slayton, John Pinette, Greg Proops, Kathleen Madigan, Jim Gaffigan, Jon Witherspoon, Charlie Murphy, Jamie Kennedy and Tommy Davidson. Years of finding his comedic voice while ranting and complaining on stages across the country culminated in his 2007 debut stand-up DVD “Now Will You Wear a Condom”. His ability to rattle off more material in one show than most could do in a weekend is what keeps the crowd engaged during his verbal assault.

Known for his fast-talking, quick-witted, over-the-top rants and a dominating stage presence, Carone refuses to relent until he steps off the stage. The chaotic, cathartic, complaints by Carone are summed up by his own public service announcement: “Better check the Doppler, there’s a sh*t-storm coming your way!”

Vince Carone

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5 stars
Gas Prices

Vince Carone's got the right attitude: things still suck.

Staff Pick 4 stars
Cyber Bullies

Vince Carone has got no love for the victims of cyber bullying.

5 stars
4 stars
5 stars
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