The youngest of 4 children in a very dysfunctional family and an 11 year veteran of the service industry is the well that Todd draws his material from. His “career” as a server has helped him hone his powers of observation and it shows in his act. Within seconds of his opening joke, you automatically feel welcomed into his world and how he sees it. You may not always agree with what he’s saying, but you will definitely laugh at what he’s saying.

Todd Larson

My Clips

3 stars
Female heckler

There is nothing worse than a heckler...especially a drunk female heckler. You can't hear her on this clip, but trust me when I tell you she deserved this.

3 stars
Lesbians recruit

My theory that lesbians recruit straight women was approved by a lesbian in this show.

4 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
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