Stacey Kulow, adorable, charming, and a performer since birth, has always considered herself the class clown, even though she was voted Most Likely to Program a Calculator. What's that about? Stacey got her first taste of the professional stage when she won Atlas Improv's The Cut in 2008. As a member of Atlas, and now as a stand-up comedian, she has made the stage her second home. Stacey lives in Madison, WI and was a finalist in the Madison's Funniest Comic Contest in 2013. She may appear small, cute, and innocent, but is packed with surprises.

Stacey Kulow

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4 stars
Connecting Through Craigslist

Stacey Kulow enjoys using Craigslist.

3 stars

Stacey Kulow on her BFFs.

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