From the fringe elements of Minneapolis comes Patrick Bauer of the esteemed
Minneapolis Comedy Death Squad. (Patrick Bauer, Chris Maddock, and Wayne
Burfeind.) Aside from being one of the fastest rising comics in the ultra
competitive Minneapolis scene, he also is the head writer and an actor on
the cult TV smash "Drinking With Ian". So, sit back, light up a fat spliff,
and try to enjoy yourself.

Patrick Bauer

My Clips

3 stars
Elvis Killers

Patrick Bauer is all shook up over artificial banana flavoring.

1 stars
Ended a Dry Spell

Patrick Bauer ended a dry spell with another dry spell. Uh, Patrick...It doesn't work that way, bud!

3 stars

Patrick Bauer carved "Slayer" into his forearms because he's a super fan and was pissed at his parents for not coming to his 8th grade graduation.

3 stars
Night of the Living Dad

Patrick Bauer recalls an inappropriate zombie screening.

5 stars
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