All Owen wants to do is make you laugh.

If you watch TV, you’ve seen his face from the Chris Rock hit, Everybody Hates Chris; to the Ice Cube sitcom, Are We There Yet? And yes he's the guy from that Nicorette commercial where he goes toe to toe with a SHARK!

This fall, watch for Owen in the new Tim Meadows comedy, Glory Daze on TBS. And when in Los Angeles, be sure to see Owen Live at the World Famous Comedy Store.

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Owen Smith

My Clips

3 stars
3 stars
Women Are Snitchin'

Owen talks about these "New Mistresses"

5 stars
The Tiger Woods Effect

Owen spells out what Tiger's actions really mean for the rest of us men.

5 stars
Love Is Hard

Owen offers a solution that could lower the divorce rates.

Celeb Pick 5 stars
Marriage Vows

Owen's take on how they should "remix" the marriage vows.

5 stars
Tiger Woods

Recorded live at The Comedy Store in La Jolla, CA Owen's take on Tiger Wood's ever increasing numbers.

3 stars

Owen's take on the 2012 hype.

5 stars
George W. Bush

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3 stars
Still Anonymous?

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3 stars
My Father

For more funny moments with Owen please visit:

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