Nicholas Piontek burst on to the Minneapolis scene as a back up dancer for Prince in the early 80's. At the tender age of 8 he developed and revolutionized the dance moves "jazz hands" and "spirit fingers" into the modern version we know today as seen in such feature films as "Bring it on" and "Bring it on 2". Piontek became one of the prominent choreographers and dance coordinators in the midwest before he was fatally shot in a gang shooting leaving him partially paralyzed in his pinky toe making him utterly useless to the dance community. After years of alcohol, drug, and domestic abuse he has returned to his beloved Minneapolis but this time to embark on the less dangerous art of stand up comedy.

Nick Piontek has performed at every kind of comedy venue from the open mic at your local dive bar to some of the best comedy clubs in the country. He has been seen at Acme Comedy for Acme's Funniest Person in The Twin Cities contest and has worked with some of the best stand up comedians in the world. View Nicks stand up here at Rooftop Comedy and feel free to contact Nick on any of the various social networking sites.

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