Mo Alexander has played the comedy game for more than a decade and has headlined clubs all over the country, in top clubs, theaters and has tv and film credits under his belt. He has also opened for some of the most known comics in the country, including Brian Regan, Chris Rock, Dom Irrera, Tommy Davidson, Keenan Ivory Wayans and in 1999, he even featured for (of all people!), Dan "Larry the Cable Guy" Whitney.He also had his own theater show in Las Vegas with his partner in crime and comedy Matt Davis. Alexander's style is to offend those people and ideals that have offended him; ideals such as ignorance, narrow-mindedness and for that matter, the easily offended

Alexander's comedy in a fun contradictory social study. He's lovably evil; techno-geek with social skills; scooby doo after he ran away from the mystery machine gang and started hanging out with the old men scaring the children away. The only predictability from his shows is that laughter and thought will ensue.

Check him out. Buy him a shot or ten of higher end Tequila (no Cuervo!) and watch the antics of a true entertainer push the limits of what you thought was possible in comedy... without ending up at your local police department. Demand this delightfully twisted, insightful and fun comic to come around to your town, because until you see him, y'all don't know sh!# about Mo Alexander. Ya understand me?

Mo Alexander

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Knoxville Bound

Comedians Mo Alexander and Jane Haze have to get to Knoxville For a gig but Jeep is stolen. How will they get there now?

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