If you've ever wondered aloud whether you were the only person on
Earth who wasn't crazy, comedian Mike Berlon can relate. Even though Mike is a laidback guy who just wants to hang out, have a few drinks and avoid direct sunlight so his pale Irish skin won't burn to a crisp, his friends and family constantly drive him up the wall with their quirky behavior.

Mike's sarcastic wit and his ability to be a voice of sanity in a world
gone off the tracks have taken him to the finals of the Funniest Person in Cincinnati" contest on numerous occasions.

Inspired by respected funnymen like Jim Gaffigan, Brian Regan and Mitch Hedberg, all of whom tackle real-life issues with little profanity, Mike creates clean, thoughtful comedy that is relatable to all audiences and is a perfect fit for college campuses and comedy clubs alike. Whether he's riffing on family struggles, the pressures of being in a relationship, or discussing various ways to get banned from Chuck E. Cheese, Mike Berlon's superior writing and nice guy appeal have finally given a voice to downtrodden redheads everywhere.

Mike Berlon


My Clips

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
Wedding Bell Arguments

More drinking and less marriage advice, please.

Celeb Pick 5 stars
I'm From A Big Irish Family

Mike Berlon's family runs like clockwork. Irish clockwork.

5 stars
My Favorite Commercial

Mike Berlon proves the fat cats at Clear Blue wrong.

5 stars
Too Young To Get Married

Mike Berlon is too young to get married, but the alternative is a little too messy.

4 stars
4 stars
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