Megan Gailey grew up in Indianapolis, the perfect town to raise a delusional upper-middle class Midwestern socialite. With a love of flirting and vacationing, it was a natural fit to leave the monotonous exercise schedule for a life of stand-up.

Megan Gailey

My Clips

5 stars
I'm Not Anti-Dicks

Megan Gailey doesn't have a single problem with male genitalia. She just has a problem with males.

3 stars
Female Centered Humor

Megan Gailey's humor appeals to a broad base of people. Women and men alike will get a kick out of her explaining where her comedy fits.

3 stars
Something is Wrong with my Ex

Megan Gailey wonders why her ex-boyfriend left her.

3 stars

Megan Gailey is still pretty hip in a pop culture diddling kind of way.

5 stars
Party With My Naked Grandma

Megan Gailey has mastered the seductive arts.

5 stars
5 stars
I Love Snacks

Megan Gailey is a "sweet" girl, but she's still pretty salty.

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