Mark Fradl is one of the hardest working comedians semi-alive today. He has logged more than 400,000 miles performing in over 35 states, opening for such notables as Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Bobcat Goldthwait, Judy Tenuta, Bob Nelson, Kevin Nealon, Pauly Shore (didn’t say they were all good, just notable), Brian Regan, and Jake Johannsen.

Splitting his time between the Bohemian enclave of Austin, TX and his hometown of Dayton, OH has given Mark’s material a unique mix of hipster edge and Midwestern accessibility - somewhere between a thinking-man’s-comic and a drinking-man’s-comic. He’s been winning audiences over with an act that combines his prolific writing talent with a high-energy, intense style. His material is fresh and intelligent but accessible and entertaining. From college hipsters to corporate groups to suburban parents to late-show drunks - Mark can adapt to any audience and deliver with an unrelenting energy.

Mark Fradl
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