Born and raised in Syracuse, 27 year old JESSIMAE was born with material in her crib! Literally! She had notebooks full of routines at the tender age of zygote! Jessimae's comedy is packed with unique and honest observations of humanity; influenced by everything from her father's drinking habits to her deepseated fear of little babies. It is her quick wit, seemingly endless energy and off-the-wall physicality that sets Jessimae Peluso apart from your average comic.

This vivacious broad got her comedy chops performing stand up in some of Boston's oldest clubs. While in Beantown, Jessimae was selected as an original cast member of the origional improv group "The Tribe". These 3 years of improv training fuel Jessimae whenever the early stages of her inherited dymensia set in. In 2004 Jessimae took on the "Big Apple" knowing its only a matter of time that New Yorkers would acquire a taste for her unique blend of comedy. Jessimae has now been at it for over 8 years, doing gigs all over - constantly developing new material. Best believe- New York loves Jessimae! This girl has the talent and drive that will only take her UP! UP! UP!

Jessimae Peluso

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4 stars
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Jessimae Peluso just doesn't want you to go.

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