Jason Downs always knew he wanted to become a comedian. As a child he would sneak away in the middle of the night to watch The Tonight Show. Jason’s dreams would come true after graduating from San Francisco State University with $30,000 in debt and no job skills. Beginning his comedy career in San Francisco, he recently relocated to Los Angeles and immediately began to land acting roles.

While on stage Jason shares his dramatic and outrageous stories. A unique likability allows him to confess his greatest flaws in an original, aggressive, and hilarious act. A good heart and a bad mouth gives him the ability to share his story of a know-it-all who knows nothing. TheatreJones.com praises Jason as, “...a man who knows how to tame a comedy-club crowd...and to definitely keep an eye on Jason Downs". Jason was featured on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, IFC, winner in the Las Vegas Comedy Competition, performed at the San Francisco Sketchfest, and recently signed a deal with Rooftop Records Productions to record his first comedy album. Although known for his stand up, Jason is an accomplished playwright as well; a winner of the Actors’ Theatre National Playwright Competition.

Jason Downs

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“Excessive Talking”

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My Clips

3 stars
Unemployment Password

Jason Downs on unemployment processes.

3 stars
Two Monkeys

Jason Downs on the two monkeys experiment.

3 stars
Supremely Icky Supreme Court

Jason Downs brings up an interesting legal precedent.

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