Harry grew up in the roughest neighborhood of the least rough city in the country - Northville, MI. His early jobs were building unicycles and burying rabbits. With all this social confusion, he spent much of his youth creating comedic videos and sweet talking the ladies.

But then he turned 11 and grew up. He speaks French, Spanish, Russian... sorry, I mean he speaks to French, Spanish, and Russian people, but only in English. He was fluent in mandolin, but has recently forgotten all the VANDERTRAMP chords.

Harry's been performing stand up and improv throughout the Midwest and Los Angeles for the last several years. He performed in 2011's LaughFest in Grand Rapids, the World Series of Comedy, and is set to compete in the 2012 Laughing Skull Festival. He's also continued to write and produce comedic shorts.

Harry Moroz


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3 stars
Loaning Money To Friends

Harry Moroz discusses the downside to loaning friends money.

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