Most women love tall, funny guys, and standing at 6'6" Devin Siebold doesn't disappoint. However, after working the past several years as a middle school teacher, just don't expect him to pick up the check on any date.

It is hard to deny Devin's stage presence, when he is the size of the stage. He connects well with all audiences mainly because he can reach 7 rows back and physically grab any audience member not laughing at his jokes. The jokes center around his extensive past a playboy, educator, and his ability to balance the two without going to jail in the process.

With credits to his name including writing for ICYN, ebaum and collegehumor, in addition to being selected as a finalist in Comedy Central's Up Next, Improv Future Features, and winner of Side Splitters Opportunity Knox competition, it is clear to see that Devin is on the right track to moving out of his van and into a slightly larger, newer smelling van.

Devin Siebold

My Clips

4 stars
Super Tall Guy

Devin Siebold is 6'6" and 260. Watch out, Tampa!

5 stars
False Advertising Cuts Both Ways

Devin Siebold is keeping up with the deceptive women in his life.

3 stars
Child Disservices

Devin "Mr." Siebold is shaping the leaders of tomorrow. We're doomed.

3 stars
Running Into Students at Walmart

Devin Siebold is trying to keep a low profile while watching for falling prices.

5 stars
Learning While teaching

Devin Siebold learns the most important lesson of all. Self respect.

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