A cuddly mess of insecurities; Derek enjoys over-sharing about his personal failures, fears and, sometimes, the most intimate details of his secret thoughts. He likes turning over rocks and talking about the dark squishy things that live under there and loves making audiences laugh, even when they feel like they shouldn't.

He has been killed in several movies and cartoons! Most recently in the serialized, Funny or Die series “Adventure Buddies”. He also played a robot in an awesome sci-fi film called “Steel of Fire Warriors 2010 A.D.” and was the voice of E.T. in the hardcore gay porn/animated short “E.T. 2:Dark Territory”.

A gifted, one of a kind storyteller, he is quickly becoming a favorite among comedy fans all over the globe! He has toured with Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn and his debut album "Holy Drivel" was recorded by iconic metal producer Matt Bayles (Minus the Bear, Mastodon, Isis) and is available from Rooftopcomedy.com. Lindy West of Jezebel.com has called him "A Human Hug".

Derek Sheen

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“Holy Drivel”

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My Clips

3 stars
American Metaphors

Derek Sheen has never shied away from a metaphor.

3 stars

Derek Sheen is encouraging freakouts during the holidays and we're biting.

3 stars
Fancy Hotel Shower

Derek Sheen showers in luxury and everyone wants to watch.

3 stars
Reuse Marijuana Commercials

Derek Sheen would be great in a marijuana commercial.

3 stars
Scared Straight

Derek Sheen's Dad learns a lesson from Derek.

3 stars
Seattle Put Me On Anti-Depressants

Derek Sheen has an ax to grind with Seattle.

3 stars
The Last Of The Love

Derek Sheen has been with his wife for 11 years total and that's a pretty long time.

4 stars
How to Quit Smoking

Derek Sheen tells you how to quit smoking.

3 stars
The Disease of Kings

Derek Sheen explains the disease of kings.

1 stars
Election Day in the South

Derek Sheen sheds light on some Southern problems.

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