At a lithe 5'5", David Deeble has been called "pound for pound the funniest man alive."

After introducing himself as a representative of the lollipop guild, David proceeds to set off fireworks in his pants. After a hilarious display of "face juggling", what follows is David's unique perspective on everything from his days working at a big-and-tall clothing store ("My job was to make men feel big and tall") to the confiscation of his hair gel at airport security ("I don't let them take it; I just put it in my hair where, apparently, it's legal.")

His seamless transitions from funny and intelligent observations to remarkable skills of dubious utility are what make David Deeble one of the most unique comedians around.

Whether he's setting off fireworks in his pants, extinguishing flaming marshmallows with his mouth or sharing the story of how his wedding in Germany was translated for him, David has the exceptionally rare one-two punch of wit AND skills.

David Deeble

My Clips

3 stars
Promo Video

David Deeble emcees at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California

3 stars
David Deeble

David Deeble emcees at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.

3 stars
Flaming Marshmallow Balance

Incredibly, the Boy Scouts have no badge for extinguishing flaming marshmallows with the mouth.

3 stars
Manipulating Two Balls With My Face

At The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

5 stars
David Deeble

David Deeble's views on hair gel, Las Vegas and big and tall shops.

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